How to dress when it’s cold on your campus

Editor’s Note: This post comes to you from Brittany Scruggs, our former intern and fashionista.

So your school is located in a state where it’s cold more days than it’s warm, and it snows all winter. You wake up in the morning and it’s 20 degrees outside, so you’re probably wondering, How do I try to keep warm, look cute and professional? Well, I have a few tips for you.

  1. Get yourself some sweaters. The Goodwill and thrift shops are your friend. It’s better to buy your sweaters before you think you’d actually need them, and purchasing them online during the off-season will save you tons of money.
  2. Long sleeve shirts are in. They can be full length or half (stop at the elbows).
  3. Wear skinny jeans. Now is the time to wear your skinny jeans that you wouldn’t wear during the summer, because you grew an inch or two and they are high above your ankle. You can wear those skinny jeans with boots.
  4. Invest in winter boots. Boots come in so many different styles it’s hard to find one that you don’t like: high boots, low boots, ankle boots, thigh-high boots, chin boots, leather boots and fur boots. Pick your type and rock it.
  5. Protect your cold parts. You are never too cool to wear hats, scarves and gloves. Again, the Goodwill and thrift shops are your friend.  You can wear them according to your outfit or dress them up by themselves.
  6. Double layering is a good thing. This is a chance for you to wear those tights and leggings you wanted to wear, but this time you will wear them under your jeans, for now.
  7. Bring out your jewelry. Now is the time to play up a simple, warm, cozy outfit with a pair of “look at me now” earrings.  A necklace can bring out your sweater or long-sleeve shirt tremendously.
  8. How to get it. This last tip is to simply request these items from family, friends, for birthdays, holidays or just randomly. Don’t be afraid to buy things separately, just a sweater here and a scarf there will add up eventually.

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