Neat kitchen-y gift ideas for college students

Are you trying to figure out what to get your college student for Christmas? Well, there is always the favorite – cold, hard cash. But – and we’re not trying to persuade you not to give cash – there are some other clever ideas out there as well.

PBS Food has a Kitchen Gift Guide for college students that may give you some good ideas. Keep in mind, though, that before you choose one of these items, you’re going to have to make sure that your student is allowed to have it in his residence hall. Of course, if your son or daughter is living on campus, that shouldn’t be a problem.PhotoforDec.11Post

Indoor electric grill
This baby is reversible so your son or daughter can make burgers or pancakes by using the same device.

Toaster oven and broiler
This is perfect for toasting bagels or reheating pizza. (Although, your son/daughter may prefer cold pizza.)

Nonstick frying pan
This is a great gift for anyone, but your college student will likely appreciate that his/her scrambled eggs or burger or grilled cheese won’t stick.

Homemade soda machine
Your son or daughter probably drinks a lot of soda, which can be pretty expensive.  And, all of those bottles and cans wreak havoc on the environment. With this soda machine, he/she can make a wide assortment of flavored sodas, save money and protect the earth.

Family recipe book
This is our favorite. At least once, your son or daughter has wanted to cook something that you have made, but he/she didn’t have the recipe. With this pocket page recipe book, you can add his/her favorite recipes to this book, which includes 40 four-inch by six-inch decorated recipe cards.

If you have any gift ideas, let us know and we’ll share them.


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