Try these tips to help you rock the multiple-choice test

If you’re not in the throes of Finals Week yet, you will be soon. That means you’ll be taking some pretty important tests. Last week, we shared some tips on how to survive Finals Week. In the meantime, we came across some interesting tips when taking multiple-choice tests from our friends at Hack College that we thought you might find helpful.

Keep in mind that nothing beats studying and paying attention in class. And, none of these helpful hints will work all of the time. But, you never know which one of these might give you a bit of an edge. PhotoForDec.9

Stick with what you heard in class
If there are one or two choices that you never discussed in class, rule those out. Of course, this only works if you’ve been attending class and paying attention.

When there are two choices that sound similar, pick one of them
If two of the choices are almost identical in terms of spelling, one of them is probably the correct answer. Sometimes professors like to give you two similar options.

If two choices say the same thing, pick another answer
You may have on your test a set of answers where two of the choices are basically the same but worded differently. Since both of them can’t be correct, rule them out and choose another answer.

Avoid answers with the words “all,” “every,” never” or “none”
There are few things in the world that are absolute, so you’re pretty safe steering clear of these answers.

Avoid extreme answers
If one of the answers is completely out of place, it’s probably because it doesn’t belong there. Avoid that answer; it’s probably not correct.

If two of the options appear correct, choose “all of the above”
If you’re sure that two of the answers are correct and you have an “all of the above” option, that’s most likely the correct answer.

Don’t overthink it
If you don’t know the answer, not overthink it. Over analyzing it will just make you more confused.

Good luck.


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