How to survive finals week – Part I

It’s coming, the dreaded Finals Week. But, it doesn’t have to be dreaded. There are many tools and techniques you can use to survive and even thrive during the week.

We found some helpful hints on SparkNotes  a site that helps students with coursework they may find confusing. Some of the site’s suggestions aren’t really doable – no, you really can’t tattoo the test answers on your butt or your palms – but we hope you find many of the hints helpful:

Start studying now
If you haven’t seriously studied until now, get going. It’s best to hit the books hard before Finals Week then you can more casually review the material during the big week.

Avoid studying with a chatty friend
You won’t be able to remember what you need to remember if you have someone yakking in your ear. Either find a quiet friend to study with or go solo.

Don’t forget to take good notes
If you forgot how, here are some tips:

Download a playlist of motivating music
It doesn’t matter what music you choose as long as it gets you motivated.

Make sure you get enough sleep
You won’t do well if you’re falling asleep during the test.

You may not do your best work if you’re all stressed out. While it may be hard to relax at this time, consider doing one of those things that help you to de-stress, whether it’s going for a walk, meditating, watching a movie or playing a video game.

Next: More tips on how to survive Finals Week


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