How to help your child rock the college entrance exams

If your son or daughter is planning on college, then he/she and you will likely have at least one college entrance exam in your future. Yesterday, we offered ACT/SAT study tools.  Today, we have some suggestions for you.

It’s important for your child to do well on the tests. After all, a good score will help him/her get accepted at a good school and may even be tied to scholarships. 

While your son or daughter will be the one taking the test, there are things you can do to help him/her prepare.

Encourage your son or daughter to:

  • Take the official practice test for the SAT, which is called the PSAT.
  • Visit the SAT resources provided by the CollegeBoard
  • Take the practice ACT test
  • Retake either test if he/she isn’t happy with the results
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test
  • Eat a good breakfast the morning of the exam (oatmeal or eggs) and have a snack ready during break time.

Good luck. 


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