Free SAT/ACT study guides just for you

If you’re planning on going to college (and you are or you wouldn’t be reading this) you will need to take one of the standardized tests as part of the admissions process for most schools. But, you may be a little nervous about taking one of these tests. Don’t be. There is a lot of help out there for you. PhotoforNov.11We’ve found a couple of great study guides to help you prepare for the tests.

This ACT study guide is chock full of great information. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s 64 pages long. Take the time to read it to learn:

  • General test-taking strategies
  • What to expect on the day of the test
  • How you’ll do on the practice tests
  • How to score your practice test

Yes, there is a practice test, which begins on page 12. English comes first, then math, reading, science and writing.

The CollegeBoard offers SAT preparation, which provides:

Good luck. We know you’ll do well.


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