13 tools to avoid Internet distractions

We’ve all done it, been working on a paper or project and then was distracted by a photo someone posted on Instagram, an article someone tweeted or a funny video your friend told you to watch on YouTube. Then you spend too much time on those online distractions, and you don’t finish your work.

Well, help is here. Hack College has 13 tools you can use to cut down on Internet distractions.

Create a separate account with limited access. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, you have the ability to start a separate browsing account, which you can create with limited access to the websites you like to access.

Mac has Self-Control
This is a free app for Mac that will block your access to the sites you choose. You can pick how long you can have access to those sites, then you’re locked out when that time expires.

If you’re using Firefox, this is pretty much the defacto site blocker.

This site is also for Firefox users and not only blocks the site you tell it to but disables the hyperlinks that link to them.

Need help remembering the due dates for assignments. If you’re using Firefox you can put them all into ReminderFox, and you’ll get periodic reminders so you never miss a deadline again.

If you use Chrome, you might want to try one of these anti-distraction tools.

This site blocks social media widgets from loading, so you won’t see any reminders on your research website.

We mentioned this earlier. This tool allows you to limit the time you spend on certain sites.

This will also block distracting sites but will allow for a 10-minute break when you want to access them. However, after that break, you’re blocked again.

Chrome Nanny
Just like a nanny, this site is more rigid in its restrictions.

Strict Pomodoro
With Strict Pomodoro, you get a worker timer and a break timer.

Rescue Time Productivity Meter
You won’t be able to block sites with this program, but it will tell you how you spend your time online. Once you see how much time you spent on tumbr, you may change your habits.

This one is a little different. If you need to memorize some stuff, enter it into the program. Then, while you’re online, it will ask you that same stuff. Once you know it, it won’t ask you anymore.

Facebook Courage Wolf
This doesn’t really block Facebook, but it does put a snarling wolf in the background of your Facebook page as a reminder to get back to work.


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