Use these apps to get organized and be more productive

In previous posts, we’ve talked about the importance of ignoring distractions and being organized so you can ace your classes. Well, as you know, technology can be pretty awesome, and there are some apps you can download that will help you with that. These suggestions come from Hack College:

Evernote, OneNote and GoogleKeep
Any one of these apps can help you with note taking, meeting deadlines and remembering things.

Here are more:

Don’t want to carry all of the handouts you get in class? With this app you can take a photo of them with your smartphone and have them converted to searchable PDF files.

Need help budgeting your money? Who doesn’t? Mint will log and categorize all of your transactions and show you where you’re doing well and where you’re overspending (and it won’t yell at you when you spend too much).

It’s easy to get distracted by online temptations (No, we don’t mean THOSE temptations) such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. However, with StayFocused, you can set certain sites to be locked or limited to a certain amount of time per day. Keep in mind, though, that it costs about $6 a month. (More on this later.)

Google Drive
Ever write a great paper, store it on your hard drive and then somehow it magically disappeared? Yeah, it’s pretty awful. If you install Google Drive, you can store all of your school documents to the cloud, and they’ll be accessible wherever you have online access.

If you try any one of these, let us know how it worked out for you.


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