Use these test-taking strategies

We know you’re hunkering down, studying hard and making some good grades. Last week we gave you some suggestions on how to study more effectively. Today, we have some test-taking strategies for you. They come from Mary Coller, the director of our Academic Advising Center.

PhotoForOct14PostStudy well in advance of the test
Don’t wait until the last minute or the night before the big test. Cramming won’t help.

Review your notes
Look over them on a regular basis, again, not at the last minute.

Develop study guides
Whatever works for you such as flash cards, outlines or other memory devices.

Get help
Again, this is something you really can’t do at the last minute, but if you’re having trouble, go see your professor or a tutor.

Find a study group or partner
You can quiz each other on the material but will help you retain the information more effectively.

Mary has even more suggestions:

Good luck.


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