6 ways to study more effectively

You’ve been on campus now for a little more than a month and — we hope – you’re getting into a good study groove.  If you haven’t quite gotten there yet, we have help. Our pals at Lifehack have six suggestions on how you can study more effectively.

Take good notes
The key is to make sure you understand what you’re writing. You won’t get anywhere if you’re just repeating what the professors says or what you read. A former intern on our campus has some suggestions on how you can take good notes.

Go over examples and sample questions and their answers. Practice until you’re confident you know it.

PhotoforOct9PostMake sure you have a comfortable area to study – but not too comfortable
Where you study needs to be just right – not too hot, not too cold. Not so comfortable that you’re going to want to nap instead of study. But not uncomfortable that you’re distracted and can’t concentrate.

Eliminate distractions and interruptions
Keep all distractions and interruptions away so you can concentrate. If you must have your phone, do not access Facebook or Twitter. Temporarily turn off the email function on your phone. Don’t choose a room that looks out over the quad if that’s just going to make you want to look out the window at your friends.

Set goals
Before you start studying, set some goals or objectives. Is there a particular idea you want to master? An essay you want to practice so it’s just right? Or a particular amount of time you want to study? Figure that out beforehand then do it. Remember to reward yourself with some free time once you meet your goal so you don’t fry your brain.

Get some sleep and stay healthy
You may think downing a few Red Bulls and skipping dinner so you have more time to study will help. It won’t. Your body and mind run like an engine. An engine needs good fuel. And, an engine needs rest. Make sure you eat well and get at least seven hours of sleep.


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