Top questions to ask at an Open House

So, you’re going to visit some of the colleges and universities you’re interested in. Well, before you go, you need to prepare. After all, you may only get to visit once before you have to decide. And since this is a really big decision, you’re going to have to get all the information you’ll need to make it. How do you do that? By asking the right questions.

We asked Alex Nazemetz, our director of admissions, what the most important questions are that you should ask when you visit a campus and/or attend an Open House like the upcoming ones we  have Oct. 19 and Nov. 2.

When talking to professors, ask:
What is their department’s placement rate in getting students into graduate programs?

PhotoForOct.7PostWhat kinds of opportunities are there for faculty/student interaction, such as research, interning and working on projects? What are the classes like?

When talking to admissions professionals, ask:
What are the admissions requirements?

When should you apply? What are the deadlines? What scholarship opportunities are there? What are their deadlines?

What is life like on campus? What are the job and internship opportunities? What are the most popular majors on campus?

If you’ve already been through this and have additional questions to add just let us know, and we’ll share them.

Good luck.


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