College open houses — here’s why you should go

Choosing a college or university is a huge decision. Huge. So, it’s a really good idea to visit campus before you decide. Most colleges and universities will give prospective students many opportunities to visit, including scheduling Open Houses.

Yes, an open house may take up a whole Saturday. Yes, you may have to drive several hours to get there, depending on the school you choose. Yes, you’re probably going to miss doing something super fun with your friends while you’re on campus. (Or at least they’ll tell you it was super fun.)

But – and this is a very big but – it’s important that you attend. Why? Visiting campus will:

Make you realize there is life after high school.
Whether you’re enjoying high school or not, those four years are going to end. Nothing reminds you of that like a college visit.

SecondPhotoForOct.2PostHelp you learn more about the school.
After all, you can only learn so much by reading the admissions literature, visiting the school’s website, and “liking” the school’s Facebook page or following it on Twitter.

Help you see if you’re comfortable there.
You’re never going to really know for sure if a school is a good fit for you unless you visit. Being on campus will give you a chance to feel that. Are the students nice to you or stuck up? Is the campus pretty or drab? Are the admissions folks and other staff members helpful? Do they answer all of your questions?

Allow you to check stuff out.
Like the food. At most open houses, you’ll be able to eat in the dining hall. You’ll be able to check out the fitness center and a residence hall. You will probably even get a chance to sit in on a class.PhotoForOct.2Post

You’re going to spend four (or maybe five or even six) years there. Take a day and visit, so you know you’ll be making the right decision.


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