How not to look like a freshman

The last couple of weeks we’ve been offering good suggestions on how first-year students can cope at college. From how to make new friends to how to avoid the dreaded Freshman 15.

Since you’re probably already have a month of college under your belt, we’ll offer one final list of suggestions – how not to look like a freshman — from our friends at Hack College and the College Bound Network.

Don’t get lost
That may be easier said than done for those of you attending a large campus. But, there are ways to know where you’re going so you don’t look like a freshman dork. Download the campus map onto your phone. Or print the PDF of the map, which should be online, and keep it in your pocket.

If you’re lost, ask directions
Yes, if you ask you’ll be exposed as a not-knowing-where-you’re-going freshman. But, you’ll look even worse if you wander around campus for hours trying to find your class and end up missing it. Or sitting in the wrong class then having to leave when you find out its anatomy and physiology and you’re a broadcast communications major.

50thFinalLose the high school T-shirts
It was cool to wear the “Seniors Rock” shirt when you were a high school senior, but you’ll look dopey if you wear it on campus. Better yet, lose that shirt and replace it with one from your campus bookstore.

Don’t try so hard to look fly
You may have been excited to wear your new school clothes to college and use your new pens and notebooks. But the truth is, no one really cares what you wear to class. If you haven’t really looked at your classmates, take a look. As long as your clothes are clean, you’re good to go.

Don’t go too crazy on posters
Too many posters on your wall will just look cluttered and make your room look flimsy. Pick only those posters that accurately communicate your interests and passions.

If you have any other suggestions just let us know.


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