The Freshman 15 – here’s how to avoid it

We know you already have lots of worry about: Going to class. Studying hard. Making new friends. Trying out new student clubs and organizations. Getting along with your roommate. And we don’t mean to add to your stress, but there is something else you should think about: Gaining extra weight.

After all, it’s easy to put on a few extra pounds when you get to college.  You’re out of your regular routine — maybe eating at different times or different foods – and you haven’t started to or continued your workout. Plus, most schools have an all-you-can eat dining hall, which makes it too tempting to eat too much.

But, there are ways to avoid that extra weight gain. CNN offers suggestions on how to can avoid the extra weight:

Maintain some structure
Nutritionists suggest eating three meals and two to three snacks (healthy snacks) each day to keep your eating habits on track and your calorie intake under control.

PhotoForSept25PostDon’t overdo it in the dining hall
Just because you can have all the food you want doesn’t mean you should. To avoid extra weight, fill your plate up with healthy options such as salad, grilled chicken, a hamburger without the bun, cooked vegetables, fresh fruit.

Don’t give in to peer pressure
Let’s face it. Lots of activities revolve around food. If your classmates are heading to a local pizza place after class, either opt out or go along but have only two slices and fill out on salad. It’s easy to overdo it when you’re with friends.

Be wary of liquid calories
Many of us don’t think about all of the calories in beverages (beer), but they’re there. Also, people tend to eat poorly when they’re drinking, so it’s doubly bad. Instead, drink water, diet soda or unsweetened iced tea.

Keep junk food at bay
Instead of keeping potato chips or candy bars in your room, stock up on fresh fruit, granola bars and yogurt.

Join the gym
Many colleges have great workout facilities. Take advantage of the equipment there and all of the other fun offerings such as hiking, swimming, skiing, rock climbing, yoga and biking.

Lisa Ferguson from TYT University also has some suggestions you can watch:



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