Stay healthy in college by using these 10 things

It’s not always easy to stay healthy while you’re in college. College students often don’t eat right, drink enough water, or get enough sleep.

However, USA Today College list 10 must-haves for you to stay healthy:

1. Lunchbox
School dining halls aren’t open 24/7. So you may find that you’re skipping a meal or two because of your hectic class schedule. But, going without food is not a good idea, and it won’t help you stay focused. So, carry a lunchbox. No, we don’t mean those gooney square metals ones your parents carried to school. There are lots of non-gooney and useful designs out there.

2. Food storage containers
These will help you keep food fresh.

3. Electric water kettle
Having one of these will enable you to have hot coffee or tea (or cup of soup) when you need it. Just make sure beforehand that you can bring one to your school.

4. Resistance bands
If you’re afraid to run into one of your professors (or an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend) in the gym, keep resistance bands or other small fitness equipment in your room.

5. Sleep mask
There is no way you can succeed in school if you don’t get enough sleep.  A sleep mask can you help get the Z’s you need.

6. A good pair of athletic shoes
Many campuses are huge, which means you’ll be walking a lot to get from class to class. Invest in a good pair of shoes.

7. Vitamins
Taking a multivitamin daily will ensure that you’re getting the nutrients you need, which you may not be getting from food.

8. Water bottle
In addition to staying well fed you also need to stay hydrated. Having a water bottle with you – and there are some that are pretty stylish – will enable you to get the fluids you need.

PhotoForSept.18Post9. SPF moisturizer
Most of us don’t think we need sunscreen unless we’re at the beach. But, if you’re going to be outside for a long time – outdoor study session, car wash fundraiser, tailgate party, mid-afternoon football game or Frisbee competition – you’re going to have to protect your skin for the sun’s harmful rays.

10. Hand sanitizer
Imagine all of the germs that live on a college campus. Wait. It’s probably better that you don’t. Instead, just keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your backpack or purse so you can kill those little buggers that hang out on door knobs, desk and other commonly used surfaces.


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