5 friends to keep in college

You gotta have friends, right?

Last week, we gave you suggestions on how to make new friends when you get to college. Today we pass along tips from USA Today College about the five friends you need to keep in college.

1. The social butterfly
The social butterfly or SB is the guy or gal who knows how and where to have fun and all of the right people to have fun with.  The SB will already have a bunch of friends and will be happy to introduce you to all of them.

2. The thinker
When you need to have a serious conversation, when you want to ponder the beginning of the universe, the thinker is your go-to girl (or guy). The thinker will also be the one who will question you or prompt you to question yourself.

PhotoForSept16Post3. The madman
The madman or manwoman is the SB and the thinker wrapped up into one crazy, full-speed-ahead person. But be wary. For your own mental health – and the health of your grades – you should only hang with the mad(wo)man only once in a while.

4. The gunner
You probably already have experience with gunners in high school. They’re the honor students, the best and the brightest. In college, they’re the ones who are always on the dean’s list, will graduate summa cum laude and get into an Ivy League school. So, why be friends with them? They’ll challenge you and push you to do more and be better. And that is a good thing.

5. The best
These are the best friends. They’re the ones who will stick by you no matter what, keep all your secrets, and will accept you now matter how weird you may get at times.

Good luck, friend.


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