6 tips to help you make new friends in college

You were all excited about starting college. Getting a fresh academic start. Moving away from home.  Maybe even moving to an entirely different area. Meeting new people. It all sounds great, right?

But then you get to campus and realize you don’t really know anyone. What do you do now? How do you make new friends? PhotosForSept.11Post

Don’t fret. Our pals at Hack College have six tips that will help you.

Don’t stress out
While you’ll need to study and work hard, college is also supposed to be fun. Relax. Enjoy this new environment where you have a lot of freedom and not a lot of responsibility. (Other than studying and doing well. OK. We already mentioned that.)

Get to know your roommate early
You don’t have to wait until move in day to get to know your roommate or suitemates. When you get your housing assignment, you’ll also get the names and contact information of the people who will be living with you. Contact them and get your relationship started now.

Get a job
This will give you another opportunity to meet people.

Go to the gym
Hitting the treadmill or working out with some weights is a great chance to meet new friends. Or, you can join an aerobics, spinning or martial arts class.

SecondPhotoForSept11PostJoin campus clubs
Each school offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations, whether you want to pledge a sorority or fraternity, are interested in an academic-related club, or want to join a special-interest group of some sort. Pick one (or two or three) and make some new friends.

Stay safe
Remember to choose your new friends carefully because they will be the ones who probably influence you the most. If you want to avoid risky behavior – drinking, drugs and unsafe sex – you’ll need to find friends who don’t want to participate in them either.

College Buzz TV offers some additional suggestions:


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