5 tips to help your student make the college transition

Now that the semester has started, we’re here to help you help your son or daughter as he/she continues to make that transition to college. Last week, we offered some suggestions on how you can help him/her deal with homesickness.  Today, we have some tips on how you can help him/her make the transition to college.

Once again, Universityparent.com is the source of these five tips to help you help them. EditedPhotoForSept9Post

Know your role
You’re the parent. That’s the role you play best. You’re not the professor. In order for your son or daughter to learn how to handle classroom situations, he/she has to deal with them on his/her own. That means you shouldn’t interfere, no matter how tempting it might be.

Be your student’s rudder
In other words, help guide your students so they can make decisions on their own. Making the decisions for them won’t help their development or boost their confidence level.

Teach time management
They’ll need to learn how to manage academic and social responsibilities. Help them by providing them with the resources they’ll need. It may be as simple as buying them a date planner.

Ask great questions
Your students need to figure out issues and problems on their own. So, instead of telling them what to do, ask them questions that will help them figure out what they should do all on their own. If you always gives your students the answers, they won’t know how or where to find them on their own.

Give them a little nudge
Encourage them to get involved on campus. Many studies show that students who are involved on campus do better in school.

Good luck.


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