Homesick? Here’s how to deal with it

With the start of the semester, you may be breathing a sigh of relief. Your son or daughter is safely tucked away at college, going to class, making friends, and having fun. But, what if he/she is homesick? What if you get that phone call or text and he/she is talking about missing home? has several suggestions on how you can help you college student get through it. The suggestions come from “How to Prepare for College:  A Guide for College Parents.” PhotoForSept4Post

Don’t rush in and come to the rescue
Let them cope with their feelings. They’ll learn that the feelings may be strong at first, but they’ll pass. That way, if it happens again, they’ll know they can deal with it on their own.

Give them some space
Don’t make yourself available 24/7 by phone, email, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Instead, set aside a time to contact them once a week. This will give them independence and encourage them to reach out to their friends and peers for support.

Talk it out
When you do talk to them, ask them how they’re feeling and adapting to college. If they talk about being homesick, emphasize that it’s normal and many others are feeling the same way. However, if their feelings are more serious, encourage them to visit the counseling center on campus.

Tell them you love them
If they’re experiencing homesickness, remind them that you love and support them. This will help build their confidence and forge new relationships on campus.

Good luck. If you have any other suggestions to add please let us know.


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