Manage your time in college with these 4 tips

Well, it’s that time – time to head back to campus. Whether you’re heading there for the first time or the fourth, you need to keep in mind that managing your time is one of the best skills you can have. Our friends at USA Today College calculate that if you sleep about six hours a day and you spend about 16 hours a week in class, that will give you 110 hours  to do everything else with – study, eat, have fun, do laundry, workout. So … how do you manage all of that time? USA Today College has four suggestions:

Schedule classes early
What, you say? Why get up for an 8 o’clock class? Well, it forces you to get out of bed at a reasonable time instead of sleeping until 10:30 in the morning to make an 11 o’clock class, which will give you more time to get things done.

PhotoforAug.28PostStudy between classes
It’s easy to waste time in between classes, but if you have an hour or two go to the library and put those hours to work for you.

Study after class before eating dinner
It’s tempting to veg out after class by watching ESPN or bad TV reruns or browsing sites online. Don’t fall into that trap. Use this time wisely by studying before you head to the dining hall.

Make sure you focus when you study
If not, you’re just wasting your time. Find a quiet place to study, disconnect from all media and really concentrate.

Mary Coller, who is the director of our Academic Advising Center, also offers several suggestions on how you can effectively manage your time:

If you manage your time well you might just start or keep seeing your name on the dean’s list. And that makes it all worth it don’t you think?


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