Bring this, don’t bring that to college

You’re on your way to college soon, and you may wondering what you should and shouldn’t bring. So, we’re here to help you. We don’t want you to be stuck with a lot of stuff that you don’t need or with a whole bunch of the wrong stuff.

John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson from TYT University suggest you don’t bring:

  • New textbooks. Choose used ones instead.
  • Top-of-the-line laptop or desktop if you’re going to use it just for writing papers.
  • A printer, since many schools provide printing services to its students.
  • Credit card, unless you can control your spending and rack up too much debt.

Watch them explain their choices:

As for what to bring, check your school’s website, which should list some of the things you should (and shouldn’t) bring to campus.

If you’ve been through this already and have some of your own suggestions, let us know so we can share them.


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