Here are some great discounts for college students

Unless you’re Donald Trump – or his son or daughter – money is probably pretty tight while your son or daughter (or you) are on campus. That’s the bad news. But the good news is there are great discounts you can take advantage of to save a little coin.

The Christian Science Monitor has some great suggestions on how you can save some money. Take advantage of:

Student discounts on technology
Dell offers students a $200 gift card when they purchase select laptops more than $699.99.  Apple offers students and their parents up to $400 off new iDevices.  Also, Apple’s up-cycle program allows you to trade in your older machines and iPods to get a gift card toward the purchase of another product. Many colleges also offer students free software.

Travel deals
Studying abroad may seem like an expensive extravagance. However, the experience of visiting and meeting people from another country will be invaluable.  Look online, and you’ll find many travel deals. Remember, too, that your school may offer scholarships and financial aid to help you pay for your study-abroad experience.

Clothing discounts
Let’s face it – you can’t expect a professor to take you seriously if you’re always wearing sweats to class. There are many retailers that offer students discounts, including J.Crew, Club Monaco, Ann Taylor, The Limited, Steve Madden and Target, which offer discounts for students up to 20 percent off. Keep in mind, too, that retailers in the town where your college is located may also be willing to offer students discounts.

Cheap eats
There will be times when you may not want to eat in the campus dining hall. But be smart. Check to see if the local area has a Sam’s Club or a B.J.’s Wholesale Club where you can buy items in bulk and save. No, you probably won’t eat 12 cans of chicken noodle soup yourself, but you can split the cost with your roommate and save.

Student discount cards
Student Advantage  cards can save you between 10 to 20 percent on travel, national brands and even some restaurants. And don’t forget to check with the folks at your school for additional discounts. On our campus, some local businesses offer student discounts if they show their school ID.


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