Starting college this fall? Keep these things in mind

If you’re starting college this fall, your mind is probably spinning with everything you’ll have to deal with: Taking college courses that will be harder than the ones you had in high school. Being away from home. Making new friends. Learning to live with a roommate. Figuring out what to major in.

Don’t stress out too much or over think it. That’s some advice from Ze Frank, who is the  executive vice president of video at BuzzFeed  and also an online performance artist and public speaker.

  • Be generous
  • Be kind
  • Tell someone what you like about them
  • Get to know a lot of people
  • Don’t get too lost in figuring out what college means
  • Do things with your body like exercise and sports
  • Don’t ask too much of new relationships
  • Come in as yourself
  • Don’t drink too much

But, you can see and hear him for yourself.

It’ll be seven minutes worth your time.

As Frank says, you’re a world maker. You have so any possibilities of creating a world. Don’t forget that.

And good luck.


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