20 things you must know before heading into the working world

If you’ve just entered the working world – or if you’ll be there soon – you know that it’s an exciting and nerve-wracking place. There’s so much to learn. So much to do. So much that could go wrong. OK, don’t worry about that last part because we’ve got you covered.

Our friends at Ragan’s PR Daily feature 20 pieces of advice every young professional – we mean you – should know. It was written by Reba Hull Campbell, who is executive director of the Municipal Association of South Carolina and is celebrating her 30th anniversary in the working world.

Here are some highlights:

Don’t pass on any chance to learn.
Find out what people in your profession are reading and read it, too. Seek out professional development opportunities. Join professional organizations.

Be interested and inquisitive.
Ask good questions and don’t be afraid to ask them. You’ll have much to offer, but remember there will be others there with a lot more experience. Be open to learning from their experience.

Stay in the loop but avoid gossip.
It’s hard sometimes to resist listening to or contributing to gossip. But, in order to be a trusted colleague, you must resist that temptation.

Don’t be afraid to take risks.
Sometimes those risks will have big payoffs. Even when they don’t, you’ll still learn something.

Everyone needs a good editor.
 A good editor will make your work sparkle. Welcome the constructive criticism, which ultimately will make you a better writer.

Is there something we’re missing? Let us know.


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