It’s time to be fearless. Here’s 14 ways to do it

We all want to be great, but often something holds us back. Fear. Whether we’re afraid of failing, falling or freaking out. Our friends at Lifehack offer 14 ways you can overcome your fear — and ultimately be great.

Admit you have fear.
That’s the first step. Write down what you fear.

Look at fearless people.
What do they look like?  Fill your brain with their images so you know what you want to look like without fear.

Be objective.
Figure out objectively what makes you fearful and why.

Be willing to look dumb.
No one succeeds right away. When you’re willing to make mistakes, you’ll shed your fear.  And learn from your mistakes.

Be grateful.
Trade your feelings of fear for gratitude. Are you trying something new? Instead of fearing the outcome, be grateful that you’re able to take on this new challenge.

Find teachers.
Find someone who will be honest with you who can give you clear direction on how to overcome what scares you.

By sharing your fearful feelings with others you’ll realize you’re not alone. Others are scared of something as well.

Embrace struggle.
We often avoid struggle. But we will only develop skills when we embrace and surpass our struggles.

Read ways to help overcome what frightens you.

See yourself as fearless. That’s what you should look like.

PhotoForJuly17PostPut things in perspective.
In the overall scheme of things, is your fear really that significant?

Release control.
Allow yourself to make mistakes. After all, we learn from our failures.

Consider the worst-case scenario.
Now realize that whatever that is, life will still go on. Your mother (or father or wife or husband or best friend or boyfriends/girlfriend) will still love you.

Look within.
Really think about what scares you. How long have you been afraid of it? Take the time to explore within.

Now go do it. Be fearless.


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