Summer reading list for college students

We know that as a college student you have to read a lot of stuff. But, it’s summertime, the time to catch up on reading those books you don’t have to read for class but just want to read. After all, reading isn’t just fun, it’ll also help you stay sharp, and you’ll reap many benefits from reading.

Today, we offer some suggestions on what to read. Our friends at Hack College  have a short list of summer reading for college students: 

Answers for Aristotle
This book will help you apply basic science and philosophy ideas to give your life more meaning.

The Fault in our Stars
It’s fast paced and exciting. What more could you ask for?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Who doesn’t want to be effective? This book will help you get there.

How to win Friends and Influence People
This book will help you master interacting and networking, which, as we all know, will help you when you graduate.

Dear me: A Letter to my Sixteen-Year-Old Self
This may be a short read, but it’s an insightful and inspiring one.

USA Today also offers 30 hot books for summer.

And, we suggest:

The Tipping Point
Think you have to make a huge splash to make an impact? Not sure? Author Malcolm Gladwell gives many examples of how the smallest gestures can have the greatest effects.

Yeah, we know this one is pretty popular right now, but that’s not why we’re commending it. This latest book by Dan Brown, who also wrote The Da Vinci Code, is a fast-paced story with lots of fascinating facts about art, history and literature, including details about Dante’s Inferno. Fascinating stuff here.

Are you reading anything great? Let us know.


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