Get these 10 benefits from reading every day

On Monday, we listed ways you can stay sharp over the summer, which includes reading intelligent books. Well, our friends at Lifehack recently published a list of the 10 benefits you’ll get from reading, which we wanted to share with you:

PhotoForJuly3PostMental stimulation
Use it or lose it. Studies indicate that mental stimulation can slow the progress or even prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

Stress reduction
Get lost in a great story, and all your stress will drift away. Really.

You will learn something new, no matter what you read. And no one can take new-found knowledge away from you.

Increased vocabulary
The more you read, the more words you’ll come across, which will work their way into your vocabulary. As your vocabulary grows, you’ll look super smart. Who doesn’t want that?

Improved memory
When you’re reading, you have to remember quite a bit – characters, plots, subplots. Each new memory that is created helps to forge new synapses and strengthens existing ones. And that helps with short-term memory.

Stronger thinking skills
Have you ever read a book and knew how it was going to end? If so, you were using your critical and analytic thinking skills, which are important skills to have.

Enhanced focus and concentration
It’s so easy to lose focus when we’re multitasking – working, checking email, searching for something online, checking Facebook and tweeting. But, when you’re reading, that’s all your concentrating on, and that’s a good thing. Try reading before work or class, if you can. You’ll discover that it improves your focus once you get there.

Better writing skills
You’re going to be reading some well-written books – at least that’s the plan, right? Those well-written books will help to influence your writing as well.

Depending on what you read, you can become more relaxed and tranquil. For example, reading spiritual texts can help reduce blood pressure.

Free entertainment
While some of us buy books, readers don’t have to purchase them. Visit your local library, where you’ll find a treasure trove of great reading.

What are you reading this summer? We’re reading Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.


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