What college grads are most concerned about

Recent college graduates are concerned about many things. What concerns do they think will be most critical to their generation?

We posed that question to many of our graduating seniors, and we got a long list:

  • Debt
  • Accountability
  • Environmental safety
  • Video games (we don’t know what this student was talking about)
  • Foreign relations
  • Health care

However, we found that much of that list centered around two main topics: technology and finding a job, which certainly isn’t a surprise.

NathanNeffWhen it comes to technology, students expressed their concerns in different ways. Alyssa McQuirns, who received her degree in history/political science, cited “the lack of communication and face-to-face interaction” as her biggest concern. Nathan Neff, who earned his degree in sports medicine, said his biggest concern was letting technology overcome the natural beauty of life. Another student is most concerned that members of this generation don’t have enough personal skills because of the prevalence of technology.  And someone mentioned “social media disorders” as a concern.

Getting a job was the most cited concern even though students described that concern in different ways:

  • Finding a job
  • The economy
  • Debt
  • Adapting economically
  • Getting a career
  • Getting jobs back to this county
  • Being able to find a job in this economy

What can you add to that list? Let us know.


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