Wait! Don’t take that job until you read these 12 things

PhotoForJune3PostLast week, our intern Katelyn Morris – who is now new graduate Katelyn Morris — wrote about the six ways you could find a summer job. However, whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent job, there are some things you need to know before you accept a position. Our friends at the PR Daily have a list of 12 nuggets you need to know.

Get it in writing
Make sure you get a written job description – so you know what you’re supposed to do  – and a written job offer that includes your job title, compensation and other key points you’ve discussed in your interview.

Get some history
Ask why the position you’re applying for is open. If someone held the job before you, find out why he/she left and the length of his/her tenure. Also, ask how many people have held that position in the last five years. (If several people have held that position, you might start to wonder why no one stays.)

Meet the people
Make sure you meet the people who report to the person who would be your boss. Talk to them and see how comfortable (or uncomfortable) they are answering your questions. Also, ask them who makes the decisions that affect them. If it’s not the boss, found out who it is and talk to that person.

Check out Linked In LinkedInLogoforJune3Post
How many of the people in the organizations are on Linked in? Do they provide all of their contact information there? If so, they may be anxious to leave the company. You should also use Linked in to find connections with prospective colleagues. Ask them what it’s like to what at that company. But remember, they may share the questions you ask with their connections.

Assess the company’s financial situation
If the company is public, check out its last 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and read the Management’s Discussion and Analysis section, which is where executives discuss the company’s financial situation and its future risks. If the company is private, ask about its earnings trends and cash position.

Google it
Google the company’s name and be sure to check out Google news, where you can read what is being said in the media about the company.

Good luck.


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