Hey graduates: You need to master these 15 simple skills

We know you probably have some mad skills now that you’re a college graduate. But, let’s face it, some of those skills (and you know which ones we’re thinking of) won’t help you in the future.

We came across these 15 simple skills that college graduate should have and wanted to share it with you. However, after reviewing the list, we realized that we all need to master these skills, whether we’ve just graduated or graduated several years ago.

The list come from Dave Kerpen, chief executive officer of Likeable, best-selling author and speaker.

Pursue your passions
Find out what you’re passionate about then find a business or industry where you can pursue them.

Learn how to use the phone to talk
We’ve become so accustomed to using our phones for other things that many of us can’t carry on an appropriate conversation using them. You gotta work on that.

Value every minute
So stay away from things that suck too much time out of your day, such as TV, meetings and email.

Be afraid, then take risks anyway
Many things are super-scary. But when you overcome your fears, the payoff is worth it.

Take care of yourself
Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep. It’ll help you perform better and be a better person.

Work on your listening skills
We’ve mentioned this before. You need to listen. Really listen.

Reinvent yourself
Pursue your passions and you’ll have many opportunities to reinvent yourself.

No matter what you read – fiction, nonfiction, poetry – you’ll be learning, and learning is good.

No matter what your career, being able to write well will help you.

Avoid sensational TV news
This is a huge time suck.

Voting gives you a voice. Use it.

Love. Hard.
Loving someone can be hard and scary, but there is no greater reward.

Form a personal board of advisers
Find mentors and don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

Show your friendship first
Reach out to people without expecting anything in return.

Be honest and transparent
Lying and secrecy only make life harder. Remember what your mother told you: “Honesty is the best policy.”


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