6 ways you can find a summer job

KatelynMorrisAs the 2012-2013 school year comes to an end, the search for a summer job begins. It’s hard to find employers who are willing to hire people they know will be around for only three to four months, so it could be more difficult than one would think. Whether you a looking for a full-time or part-time job, U.S.News & World Report  offers some tips for a successful summer job search.

Contact past employers: If you left on good terms with a previous employer, why not check with him/her to see if there is an opening for you. Whether it’s the same job you had before, or a new position he/she needs to fill, if you were a good worker, the employer will find a place for you.

Check university job boards: If you’re willing to stick around campus for the summer, schools usually have summer positions available for students. Not only will you get paid, but sometimes schools will offer free housing to student employees.

Create a job: Baby-sitting, mowing lawns, housekeeping and walking dogs are business ventures that students can organize for themselves. You can have a little more control over the hours/ days you want to work, plus you can set your own hourly rate.

Consider a new market: If it’s difficult finding jobs in your hometown, think about looking for employment in your college town or in a friend’s hometown where employment opportunities are more abundant.

Use family and friends: Take advantage of your connections. Whether it’s asking a family friend to put in a good word for you or working for a family member, there is no shame in using who you know to get what you want.

Combine multiple positions: If a part-time job is all you can find, but you need the full-time paycheck, look for another job to meet your financial goals.

Along with these tips About.com recommends looking for Smart Summer Jobs and keeping these things in mind when you’re searching:

Get something in your field of study: By doing this you get experience, which not only enhances your knowledge but looks great to future employers.

Get a job at a company you want to work for after graduation: “It can be a great way to get your foot in the door and connect you with people so that when a position does open up they’ll already be familiar with you and your great work.” Plus, you’ll get a sense of whether you’d be happy working at the company when you do graduate.

Find something that teaches you the skills you want: Working at the local tasty freeze or life guarding at a swimming pool may be fun, but they won’t provide you with the opportunity to gain skills that will benefit your future career such as communications, marketing, or administrative skills.

Good luck in your search. A have a great summer.


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