Here’s where some of our 2013 grads are going

OK, so the economy may not be chugging along like it should, but that doesn’t mean college graduates are just sitting at home with their crisp, new diploma doing nothing. Many of our graduates are heading out into the world, whether they’re accepting a commission into the U.S. Army, starting their work careers or going to graduate school.

TiaraBrownTiara O. Brown, who majored in both sport and recreation management and business management, was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army just a day before she received her diploma last week. Now she is headed to the Army’s flight school at Fort Rucker, Ala.

Other new grads will be starting work.

Cynthia Glatt, a radiological sciences major will be working at Elk Regional Health Center. Pamela Terrette, an accounting and business management major will be an accountant at Pitt-Corning. Wes Milliron, a computer information systems and technology major, has accepted a job as a systems administrator for Nexstara.

Several other grads will be hitting the books again this fall in graduate school. LizTillman

David Ware, an applied mathematics major, will begin work on his Master of Science in applied mathematics at Rochester (N.Y.) Institute of Technology. Kayla Branch, a human relations major, will attend the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs to work on her master’s degree. Olivia Fernandes, an athletic training major, will be heading south for graduate school at the University of Florida.

Good luck, grads. We miss you already. Fortunately, we have lots of photos from graduation  to remember you by.


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