What I’ll miss and won’t miss about college

KatelynMorrisAs I sit down to write this, the excitement and fear of graduating overwhelms me. In four days I will have completed four years of college, four years of high school, three years of middle school and six years of elementary school. That’s 17 years of my life spent inside a classroom, and it’s all coming to an end. It’s a bittersweet feeling when I think about leaving. Looking back, there are things I’m going to miss, but then there are things I’m glad I’ll be leaving behind.

I’m going to miss…

Power of Scheduling I’m going to miss having the power to schedule my day. It was up to me to decide whether I wanted to wake up for that 8 a.m. class. Sometimes, I had no choice because the class was only offered during a certain time, and I needed it that semester. But for the most part, I had the power. Now, our bosses will hold that power, and we will have no choice but to accept.

Skipping Class I think we all have taken for granted the ability to opt-out when we didn’t feel like getting off the couch. The freedom to skip class is one of the things I’ll miss most about college. I know when I get a job that I’m going to need a better excuse than “I don’t feel like going.”

Summers/ Breaks One of the best things about being in college is not being in college. Having summers off only happens when you’re a student, unless you’re a schoolteacher. Once you have a full-time job you can kiss those days lounging by the pool goodbye. Not to mention, those winter, fall and spring breaks do not exist in the life outside of college, unfortunately. The only break you get is when there is a national holiday, with emphasis on the “day” in holiday.

I’m not going to miss…

Oral Presentations I hated giving presentations. Although I became better as the years went on, that nauseated, heart-throbbing sensation I would experience right before my speech never seemed to go away. I now know how important it is to have learned how to effectively speak in public, but I’m so happy that I never have to be graded or timed for a presentation again. SecondPhotoForAprilo24Post

Being Broke I’m hoping that I’m able to find a job that provides me with a little extra spending money. I realize that I’ll be paying off my student loans for the next 20 years, but I would like to be able to afford a new pair of shoes when the urge is there. Over these past four years, I would always find myself digging through my purse for change just to buy a cup of coffee.

Sleep Deprivation The words “finals week” and “sleep” were rarely found in the same sentence if spoken by most college students. Coffee, energy drinks and anything with caffeine were the main staples of our diets, which inhibited us from sleeping even after we quit studying.  At least during the first few years of my college life, my mind didn’t understand that going to bed at 3 a.m. wasn’t healthy.

As a commuter student, I’m sure my list differs from those students who live on campus. I have never lived on campus at Pitt-Bradford, but I did stay in dorm rooms when I attended Duquesne University and Penn State Behrend my freshman year. (Yeah, three different schools in three semester; crazy I know, but I’m still graduating on time with a degree from the University of Pittsburgh nonetheless!) So, based on my time spent in dorms, I’ve come up with one more of each from the perspective of a student living on campus.

I’ll miss…

PhotoForApril24PostProximity of Friends Living on campus is great because you can always find something to do with someone your age. When I moved home to live with my parents, it was always such a hassle to text people to see what they were doing or what was going on that night. If you live in a dorm room, you have the convenience of walking down the hall to a friend’s room just to hang out if you’re bored

I won’t miss…

Twin Beds I absolutely hated sleeping in a twin bed. I never felt that I could stretch out. One time I actually fell out of bed because I wasn’t used to the small size. It was one of the worst parts about living in a dorm room.

Now, four days to go. See you at commencement.


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