Good grammar skills pay off, literally

KatelynMorrisWant to know how to increase your chances to get promoted and earn more money? It’s a little thing English teachers like to call grammar, and Forbes magazine tells you why. GrammarForApril8Post
A recent study conducted by Grammarly, a top-ranked computer software program, proved just how important perfect grammar is to your professional career. The study used 100 LinkedIn profiles to conduct the report.  Through its research it found that “fewer grammar errors correlate with more promotions.”

Brad Hoover, CEO of Grammarly, said that good grammar is more than knowing how to spell a word and using its and it’s correctly. Hoover said, “Grammar analysis is much more complex, and requires a much deeper understanding of the relationships between words.”

Many employers use grammar skills as an indicator on whether an applicant will perform well in the workplace. Kyle Wiens, chief executive officer of iFixit, is one of them. He said that grammar plays a deciding factor in whether he will hire someone.

Hoover said grammar skills that reflect positive workplace performance may include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking
  • Intellectual aptitude

So, if you think grammar isn’t important. Think again.


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