5 things I wish I’d done before graduating

KatelynMorrisLooking back on the past few years I’ve spent walking around campus, I realize now how much Pitt-Bradford has to offer, and how I took many of the opportunities for granted. It’s important to embrace your time spent in college; get all you can out of it because four years goes by much faster than you could ever imagine. I regret not taking advantage of life as a college student. Maybe it was because I thought I’d have more time, or because I transferred here my sophomore year, or maybe that fact that I grew up in Bradford my whole life kept me from engaging in college life. Whatever it was, I encourage students to make the most of the small time they spend here.

There are 5 major regrets I have upon graduating in the spring. Don’t let yourself make the same mistakes I did.

1. Study Abroad. PhotoForApril1
Pitt-Bradford  gives students so many options to study in foreign countries. I doubt that many of us will have the opportunity, especially once we land a career, to travel to Europe for as long or for as cheap as we could through the study abroad program. Whether you want to travel to Ireland for an entire semester or to China for two weeks, there are plenty of possibilities that will meet your wants.

2. Join a club. 
Some of you may think it’s “nerdy” or a waste of time, but getting involved in college not only allows students to meet new people with similar interests, but it looks great on a resume. It’s also a useful tool to help you network once you start looking for jobs. There are clubs for just about every interest. Student Government , Criminal Justice, Art or the Zombie Squad are just a few of the clubs.

3. Go to a Pitt football game.
Whether you like football of not, I think it would have been an awesome experience. I know many people who go just to tailgate and participate in the game day festivities. As a Pitt-Bradford student, tickets are cheap, so it’s not out of your budget. Plus, you get an excuse to travel to Pittsburgh. May I recommend you try the Vietnamese restaurant in the strip district; they have amazing food.


4. Go to school functions.

I’m not going to lie; I miss the days of high school proms and dances. Getting dressed up, dancing and laughing all night with your friends was always a great time, but that doesn’t have to end when you graduate high school. Pitt-Bradford has all sorts of dances, as well as other entertainment, such as improv comedy shows and open mic nights. There are a lot of fun things to do that won’t cost you a nickel.

5. Take advantage of the workshops offered.

There are so many valuable workshops at Pitt-Bradford. FAFSA workshops, graduate school workshops, resume building workshops all provide students with free information that will give them huge benefits in both their current college careers and future job careers.


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