Tip to survive your first job — Part II

KatelynMorrisLast week, our intern Katelyn Morris offered tips on how to survive your first job. Today she has the second half of that list, which comes from lifehacker.com.

Pay attention to the company culture

  • It’s important to interact with other employees and make an effort to be a part of the office culture.
  • Meeting as many people around the office not only looks good to your superiors, but every person has the potential to teach you something valuable.
  • Learning as much about the company as you can will help you understand what will be expected of you, which could help you advance your career down the road.

Ask questions PhotoForMarch25Post

  • Don’t think you need to know how to do everything in your new job because you’ll most likely need to learn new things.
  • When you don’t know how to do something, ask questions. It’s better that you learn the right way the first time.
  • “Be sure you actively listen to the answers,” says writer Thorin Klosowski,  “and ask follow-up questions so you avoid miscommunication.”
  • When you do make a mistake, which will most likely happen, ask what you should’ve done and learn from it.

Watch for burnout (and deal with it the right way)

  • It’s natural to want to work hard when you get your first job, but remember to take a break. Long-hours and little sleep can inhibit your productivity. Don’t be afraid to take a personal day if you’re feeling overly exhausted.
  • Short breaks during the day to rest your mind can help you get through the long hours.
  • Don’t go into work sick just because you think that you’ll look bad. It’s more important to get healthy, than sick with decreased productivity. Plus, no one else wants to get sick.

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