Don’t want a 9-to-5 job? Here are some with unconventional hours

KatelynMorrisThe thought of entering the workforce after college is scary, but realizing you have to go to your job every day is even scarier. We no longer get to pick and choose what time we want to take our classes, or how many hours we will dedicate to studying for them.  Most jobs require employees to clock in at 9 a.m. and work until 5 p.m., but not all  jobs. So, if the thought of a traditional, routine schedule sounds boring to you, explore some alternative options from

Jobs with flexible hours with average salary of $50K+

  • Consultants earn an average of $70,000 for offering clients expert advise for their company. This is a great option if you get complacent with one work environment because you will travel from office to office with changing schedules.
  • Freelance web designers can work from an office space they choose or from the convenience of their own home, creating and designing web pages for clients. They earn and average income of $78,000.
  • Political campaign managers offer a different kind of flexibility. They work mainly during election seasons, but when they work, they work 24/7. When the election is over, so is the hustle. They make around $53,000 for the time spent campaigning.
  • Air traffic controllers bring in an average $113,000 for making sure the skies are safe, and their schedules meet the needs for those who wish to work unconventional shifts.
  • Dental hygienists usually clean teeth for a few different dentists, depending on the amount of patients per office. They have the flexibility of choosing their days and hours with an average income of $69,000.
  • Make-up artists can earn up to $53,000, and they work only when they’re needed. Their hours change constantly based on the job and the client.
  • Nurses PhotoForMarch13Postprovide around-the-clock medical care, therefore, their shifts can work around a person’s preference. The career can be unconventional or conventional. The average yearly salary is $66,000.

Options with unconventional hours with average income under $50K

  • Real estate agents create their schedules based on their client’s availability to see the various properties, including days, nights and weekends. The average income for an agent is $39,000.
  • Social media consultants make about $43,000 for knowing the online trends and keeping their clients up to date with them. Some projects may require you to visit the office; others allow you to work from home.
  • Personal trainers not only can create their own schedules, but they get to stay in shape while working. You can train clients inside, outside or at home, and you can make $31,000 yearly.
  • Graphic designers not only have flexibility in their hours, but in their project choices as well. They can earn up to $44,000 for working when they want on what they want.
  • Tax accountants can choose their hours and their clients. While their hours are up to them, they tend to work more during tax season, and get to enjoy shorter hours during the summer. On average, they make $32,000 a year.
  • Sports coaches’ schedules depend on the sport. Practices, games and recruiting all require time spent by the coach. The average salary is around $28,000.
  • Travel guides can work in any city that has a tourist industry, and they make $30,000 on average. They are responsible for creating a happy experience for the members of their tour group; this may require 24-hour assistance, but they do get down-time in between tours.

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