Use these 6 tips to get a Spring Break beach body

KatelynMorrisIt’s hard to eat healthy and exercise regularly when the school café serves mouth-watering Buffalo chicken wraps and the Corner Bar has killer wing specials for Pitt-Bradford  students. However, if you’re determined to rock your bathing on spring break, it’s time to ditch the junk and hit the gym.

Know your numbers. Before you start you should know how much you weigh and what your ideal weight is. A rough weight to height calculation is 100 pounds for the first 5 feet then 5 pounds for every additional inch. So, if your 5’5” you should aim to weigh around 125. Next you need to calculate how many calories you should be consuming. To figure this out enter your information into the daily caloric need calculator.

Set a realistic goal. Giving yourself four weeks to lose 20 pounds is not realistic. Most experts recommend losing between a half pound and two pounds per week.  So, the sooner you start, the more weight you can realistically lose.

Change your diet. The dreaded “d” word is scary to many people, but a healthy diet should be a lifestyle change, not a seven-day all-juice cleanse. The key is moderation and healthier food swaps. Instead of reaching for that cheeseburger with a side of fries, opt for a piece grilled chicken with a baked sweet potato. Of course you can have a piece of chocolate every now and then but not an entire Hershey bar. Remember, don’t deprive yourself of foods you love, just make better choices and eat smaller portions.

Exercise daily.PhotoforMarch6Post
In order to shed pounds and firm up, along with your diet, exercise is key. Don’t use the excuse “I have no time, I have to study” because if you want to wear that two-piece, you have to sweat. Aim for 30 minutes of cardio at least three days a week. Running, swimming and biking are all good ways to get your cardio in. Also, strength training must be a part of your exercise routine at least two days a week. Squats, lunges, push-ups and free weights are all good ways to
tone up your entire body.

Get a workout buddy. “Unless you’re consistently a highly motivated self-starter, your chances of sticking to a long-term fitness plan without a partner are significantly lower than they are with a partner.” Fitday, an online fitness website, explains why this is true.

Skip Happy Hour. When you’re trying to shed some extra pounds, alcohol is not your friend.  Alcohol is an empty-calorie choice; it adds nothing but excess sugar and carbs into a person’s diet.  Instead of going out to the bar on Friday night, hit the gym for an extra session. The endorphins, feel-good chemicals, released in your brain will make you happy you did it.


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