6 cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas

In case you didn’t know – or weren’t paying attention – Valentine’s Day is three days away.
RedHeartsFeb11and13Even if you’re a little short on funds, you and your loved one can still have a nice day. Our friends at the Student Advisor Blog offer inexpensive ideas for Valentine’s Day dates.

Go out the day before
That way, you’ll avoid the crowds and the added expense that is often included in events or meals on V-Day.

Free is good
Find a free event. Many colleges and universities offer a full schedule of events, including free ones on Valentine’s Day.

Go out for dessert
Avoid the expense of dinner out by going out for dessert only. So, you can eat in the dining hall on campus or cook in your apartment and then take your sweetie to a fancy restaurant just for dessert, which probably won’t cost more than $10.

Explore your city or town
No matter where your school is located, there are probably local or regional sites you haven’t seen yet. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to check one of them out.

Your date can go to the dogs (and cats)
Feb11PostA great way to have fun on a date is to visit the local animal shelter and play with the dogs or cats for a while. Most shelters welcome visitors who will spend a little time with the animals.

  1. Find a free class
    Many places offer one free – or discounted – class to people who are interested in trying something new. This will give you and your date a chance to try out a new skill or hobby and have some fun.

Do you have any suggestions? If so, please let us know so we can share them.

Next: How you can enjoy V-Day all by yourself.


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