7 things you should never wear to class

14976718-happy-new-year-2013-greetings-card-with-fireworks-over-black-night-background[1]We end our month-long self-improvement posts with one we hope will make you smile.

We’ve all done it, rolled out of bed at 8 in the morning and rushed to class wearing something well, questionable. Our friends at USA Today College lists seven things you should never wear to class. Some of these are no-brainers, but others? Well, you decide.

A swimsuit

Furry shoes

Sunglasses ForJan.30PostSunglasses

Visible bra straps

Leggings as pants

Thongs plus low-rise jeans

Jean shorts that are too small – Junderwear

Got that? And, if you think wearing sweatpants is the lazy man’s – or woman’s way – to dress for class, USA Today says there are worse things you can wear than sweatpants, though let’s hope you haven’t worn any of them.

A tutu

A mermaid outfit

A speedo

Basketball shorts from the 1970s 

A hula skirt GrassSkirtForJan.30Post

So, now that you know what not to wear, how ‘bout what you should wear? USA Today College has that cover, too.



High-waisted skirts

Button-down shirts

Skinny jeans

Maxi dress or skirt

Linen pants


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