5 easy college cooking tips

We probably all want to save a little money by eating out less and cooking at home more. But, that’s not always easy. After all, eating out is so convenient, especially when you’ve got chapters to read, papers to write and meetings to attend. However, we all pay for that convenience.

Our pals at Hack College have five cooking tips just for you that can help you save money.

Cook with friendsForJan.21Post
Everything is more fun if you do it with friends, right? If you cook together you’re sharing the cost and the load.

Make something truly fool proof
Like what? Well, oatmeal. You can have a hot breakfast by mixing oatmeal and hot water. Or, make scrambled eggs. Just put eggs in a hot pan and stir. Pasta is even easier. Just put it in a pot of hot water. Easy-peasy.

Don’t cook
There are many good things you can eat without even cooking. Yogurt. Crackers and carrots with hummus or cheese. A sliced deli meat, such as turkey, on whole-wheat bread.

No processed meals
It’s easy and tempting to buy microwave meals, but don’t be tempted. You can use the money that you’d spend on them for something that tastes better and is better for you.

ForJan.21PostChiliCook a lot
When you cook, make enough for a couple of meals. Chili and spaghetti  are two meals you can make a lot of so you can eat them later and not have to worry about cooking on those days.

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