57 ways you can manage your time

Effectively managing time is a challenge for everyone. But if you’re committed to being super in 2013, managing your time more effectively may be one of your goals. So, we’re here to help. College at Home offers 57 time-management hints. We won’t list all 57. We’ll just include some of the biggies:

Don’t overload your schedule
Taking more than 18 credits a term may be too much. And, if you have too much, you’ll be stressed and have a hard time getting anything done.

Don’t procrastinateforJan.16PostProcrastinating
We know it’s tempting, but you have to work hard to resist that temptation. If you put something off until the last minute you’re not going to give yourself enough time to finish the project. And it’s going to make you crazy. Trust us on this one.

Take advantage of down time
Instead of watching your laundry go round and round in the dryer, why not study?

Make realistic to-do lists
Set realistic goals instead of super lofty ones, which you will probably not get done anyway.

Take care of yourself
If you don’t take care of yourself, you may get sick. If you get sick, you’re going to have to take time to get well, time that could be better spent accomplishing what you need to.

Make time for things you enjoy
If you don’t have a little fun, you’ll burn out. If you burn out, well, you probably know what will happen. Make sure you make time to do something you enjoy.

Get up earlyForJan.16PostWakingUpEarly
Seriously? Yes, we’re serious.By getting up early you’ll have more time to study and get your homework done.

You’re going to need enough sleep so that you perform well. If not, your grades may suffer.

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