Get a new attitude for the New Year

14976718-happy-new-year-2013-greetings-card-with-fireworks-over-black-night-background[1]A new year may call for a new attitude. You may not remember singer Patti Labelle, but that’s exactly what she sang about:

You can get one, too, for 2013. How? It’s easy. Our friends at Life Hack offer several suggestions:

Love life, not stuff
The quality of your life will bring you the most happiness, not how many things you have.

Be patientForJan.14PostPatience
No one gets the life they want immediately. It takes time. Enjoy the journey as you get there.

Believe in yourself
Life will be much more pleasant if you have faith in yourself. You’ve already accomplished a lot, perhaps even more than you ever thought you could. Continue to believe in yourself.

Smarter not harder
We tend to think that anything worthwhile will take a lot of work. That isn’t always true. Don’t make things harder than they have to be.

Learn from experience
When you don’t reach your goal, learn from it so you can be better in the future. Remember it’s important to continue moving forward.

ForJan.14PostStopWorryingStop wasting your time worrying
We all tend to spend too much time worrying – worrying about what we’re going to say, worrying about making the grade or getting that job, worrying about finding “the one.” Instead of all that worrying, focus on the work you need to get done. Pay attention to the people around you who need you. Enjoy each of life’s experiences.

Hack College also offers a few suggestions:

Get an internship
An internship is a great way to prepare for life after college. It’s also a great way to help get a job. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employer’s 2011 Student Survey, almost 40 percent of students who had an internship got a job.

Try a new club
You will never have more opportunities to try new things than in college. Joining a club will give you the chance to meet new people or learn something new like white-water rafting or rock climbing.

Be a better roommate
This will help you and your roommate, a relationship that can be pretty tricky. Your roommate will appreciate your efforts to be more considerate.

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