7 ways you can be more productive

Happy New Year. All this month we’ll be offering suggestions to help you make 2013 the most awesome-est year yet. Last week, we gave you nine habits that could make you happier. Today, we have seven suggestions for how you can be more productive.

This list comes courtesy of Ilya Pozin from Linked In.

14976718-happy-new-year-2013-greetings-card-with-fireworks-over-black-night-background[1]Break down projects into small chunks
By breaking down a project – whether it’s a class presentation or a big research paper – you’ll be able to see the individual pieces that need to be completed to finish it. For example, if you’re writing a big research paper, your first step should be getting the resources you’ll need. The second step should be reading them. The third, taking notes on what you’re read. OK, you get the idea.

There is ample research out there that tells us that multitasking does not work.  Focus on one project. Finish it, and then move on to another.

Eliminate distractions
Cut out whatever you need to so you can focus. Lifehack.org offers many suggestions, including sending out busy signals, making technology work for – not against – you, and trying not to be so accommodating.

Don’t check your email all the time
Checking your email all the time will lower your productivity. Set times during the day when you’ll check it and then leave it alone during the other times.

ForJan7PostUsingTelephoneUse the phone
Sometimes you just need to get something done, and sending someone two or three emails may not be helping you get the task accomplished. In that case, just pick up the phone.

Set goals each day
Set prioritized goals for each day. That way, you won’t wake up wondering how you’re going to tackle all that you think you have to do in one day.

Don’t think you have to work 24/7
It’s important to take a break from your work. Take a walk. Have a snack. Call a friend. It’s important to recharge your battery.

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