9 habits that will make you happier

Happy New Year! 14976718-happy-new-year-2013-greetings-card-with-fireworks-over-black-night-background[1]

The festivities are over. The presents have been opened. All of the holiday decorations may (or may not quite yet) have been put away. The new year has started, and you’ve probably considered how you can make 2013 the best year yet.

Well, we’re here to help you. All this month we’ll be offering suggestions to help you make 2013 awesome: How you can make your life more productive, ways you can get organized, how you can beat the motivational slump and today’s post – nine daily habits that can make you happier. The hints come from Inc. magazine.

Start each day with expectation
Life usually lives up to our expectations. So, when you wake up, think “Something great is going to happen today.” You’ll probably be right.

Take time to plan and prioritize
We usually get stressed because we think we have too much to do. Rather than fret about it, pick the most important thing that needs to get done in a day and do it.

Give a gift to everyone you meetForJan.2Post
Yeah, we know, you already gave gifts to people last month. That’s not what we mean.  The gift can be as simple as a smile, a friendly nod, a kind word, a compliment.

Don’t talk about politics or religion
Let’s face it – there never seems to be a “right” answer when you’re talking about either of these subjects, and it usually ends up in a heated (maybe even worse) discussion. Instead of getting caught up in something you can’t control, just avoid them. You’ll feel better for it.

Assume people’s intentions are good
Attaching evil motives to people’s behavior is just going to add extra misery to your life, and who wants that?

Eat good food slowly
It’s not unusual to hoover down a meal or two, particularly if you’re in a hurry to get to class. But try, at least once a day, to eat something really delicious and eat it slowly. Savor it.

Stop worrying
A big enemy of happiness is worry, which stems from focusing on things you just can’t control. Instead of worrying, focus instead on the job at hand.

Turn off “background” TV
Who needs to see all of those shows and commercials that make your life seem unfulfilled? Do you really need to see celebrities flaunting their millions or rail-thin models wearing the latest – and expensive – fashions? Probably not.

End each day with gratitude
Be grateful for your day. In fact, you may want to write down one great thing that happened. It could be a simple as getting a compliment from someone you respect.

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