Need a last-minute holiday gift idea? Here you go

Last week, we gave you some gift ideas, knowing that you probably haven’t had a lot of time to think about the holidays. If you waited – and you may have waited – now it’s crunch time, so we have some last-minute ideas for you.

Mashable offers a list of last-minute gifts you can send by email, which is perfect if you’re behind the gift-giving eight ball. Those gifts include an iTunes gift card, ebooks, a video streaming service and e-gift cards.

Hack College offers several other last-minute suggestions:

Everyone needs a calendar, and this time of year you can find them almost anywhere.

Whether your family and friends are voracious readers or not, you’ll be able to find books for them.

It’s the same idea as with books. Everyone likes a good movie, whether it’s a comedy, a sappy love story or an active-filled adventure.

A helpful “coupon”
You have at least one area of expertise. If it’s technology, create a coupon as someone’s gift, which when they redeem it will require you to help them with their new iPhone or Wii or Kindle Fire.

The Washington Post offers even more last-minute ideas:

Downloadable gifts
Using iTunes, you can buy music, videos and apps for others by selecting “gift this” when you’re ready to check out. Or, you can also use ITunes to create a modern mix tape from your own playlist.
This site allows you to “wrap” gift emails and set an unwrap date and time. Cool huh?

Charitable donations
Here’s something a little different but something that fits in with the giving theme of the holidays. You can make a gift to a worthy cause in the name of your loved one or friend. One such cause is OxFam America Unwrapped, which allows you to buy much-needed items for people around the world, including mosquito nets, a water pump or a goat.

Or, you can donate money to, and the gift recipient gets to choose the charity that benefits from your donation.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


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