Need some holiday gift ideas? Here they are.

You’ve been busy. You’ve endured final exams. You’ve had to complete end-of-the-semester projects and papers. When have you had any time to shop for the holidays? If you’re now struggling to figure out what to get your friends and family, here are some suggestions from the Huffington Post that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Photo album
By using Flickr or Kodak, you can create a photo album that your mom, dad, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. will love.

Personalized books
Did you know that Penguin allows you to personalize books? We didn’t. You can pick a classic book, such as A Christmas Carol or Treasure Island and insert a personalized dedication page.

College mug
Pitt-BradfordMugForDec19PostThis may not be the most creative gift, but it may be the easiest one to take care of. Just visit your campus store and scoop up a coffee mug or a sweatshirt with your school’s name on it.

Creative cookie cutters Let’s get real here. If you buy someone creative
cookie cutters, such as these Helvetica ones, you may score homemade cookies. Enough said.

One-hour mail
This service will allow you to print a letter and mail it for you within the hour. So, if you’re way behind in your holiday greetings, this will be a huge help. Postful will mail postcards for you. Easy-peasy.

Homemade goods on Etsy or Art Fire

We know you didn’t have time to make a homemade gift for your loved ones. But, you might find something homemade on Etsy or Art Fire.

iPod accessory

There are iPod and iPhone cases, and then there are these iPod cases from Griffin Technology.

Reusable bag

Reusable bags are big right now. They’re functional, and they help to save the Earth. It’s Only Natural Gifts offers a wide assortment of eco-friendly bags you can customize.

ChocolateBarForDec19PostCustomize a chocolate bar

This may be the coolest idea of all – customize a chocolate bar using Chocomize. You can add all kinds of ingredients to a chocolate bar, including nuts such as macadamia nuts, fruits such as dried raspberries and diced lemon peel, herbs and spices such as cayenne pepper and lavender, candy such as peanut butter drops and sour patch kids, and other crazy ingredients such crystallized rose petals, 23 karat gold flakes, pretzels, coffee beans, potato chips and bacon. (Yes, bacon).

Need more ideas? They’re on the way.


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