These are the best jobs in America

So, now that you’re in college – or applying for admission to college – do you know what job you eventually want to have? Not sure? That’s OK. Here’s a list that may help you.

Fortune and Money magazines and CNN have compiled a list of the 100 best jobs in America based on the jobs’ personal satisfaction, the amount of stress they have (or don’t have), their benefits to society, and their flexibility.  The story also includes the average pay, top pay, 10-year job growth rate, and total number of jobs in the United States.

Based on those factors, the top 10 jobs in American are:

Biomedical engineer

Marketing consultant

Software architectEngineerForDec.12Post

Clinical research associate

Database administrator

Financial adviser

Market research analyst

Physical therapist 

Software developer

Occupational therapist

If none of those jobs interest you, don’t fret. There are 90 more on the list, including dentist, petroleum engineer, veterinarian, financial analyst, nurse anesthetist and public relations specialist.

Don’t forget that you won’t have to make this decision all on your own. Your college or university will have a career services office that will help you explore and prepare for possible careers.


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