Use these tips in a weather emergency

No matter where you’re going to school – or where you’re considering going to school – there is a chance that there will be a weather-related emergency while you’re there. A snowstorm. A flood. A hurricane.

Of course the biggest question you may have in a weather-related emergency is if your school is going to cancel classes. Keep in mind that each school has a different policy. Although, some schools may offer an online way you can find out like ours does.

Even if classes are canceled, you may be living on campus and will still need to know what to do in case of an emergency. Our friends at the Student Advisor blog have a list of five tips you should keep in mind if or when bad weather strikes your campus.

Know your school’s plan
Some schools have their emergency weather plan on their website. Go online and see if your school has one there. Another good source is your resident advisor. He or she will know what you should do in case of a weather-related emergency.

Stock up and get to know your neighbors
If you begin hearing about a storm, start stocking up on items you may need – bread, milk, canned soup, etc. And, be willing to share your supplies if your neighbors didn’t think as far ahead as you did. Of course, many schools have back-up generators so that normal operations – like food service – can take place if the power goes out. But, the entire campus may not be covered by a generator, so it’s best to have supplies on hand.

Be kind
If a building on campus loses heat or electricity but yours didn’t, it would be a nice thing to do to invite students in those affected buildings to yours. After all, the next time, you may be the one who needs to relocate, and you’ll want someone to repeat the favor.

Pay attention to warnings
If you’re told to evacuate, then do so. If you hear the fire alarm, respond appropriately. It’s important that you do as you’re told, particularly in an emergency.

It never hurts to say thanks
There will be many campus employees working very hard to keep you safe during an emergency – from dining hall employees who will be keeping you well fed to campus police offers who will keep you safe. When the crisis is over, don’t be afraid to say thank you. They’ll really appreciate it.

Stay safe.


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