Feeling stressed? Here’s how to say no.

Are you feeling it yet, the stress from midterm exams, the holiday season and upcoming final exams? It can get a little overwhelming, particularly if you keep piling more on your plate. Your friend needs help with a research paper? Sure, you say, you’ll help. Your sorority needs a volunteer for a service project this weekend? OK, you say, you’ll do it. Your roommate needs to talk to you about his/her recent breakup? You’re all ears, you say.

You want to be helpful, but all that “yess-ing” is causing you even more stress. Remember: Yessing leads to stressing.

You gotta start saying “no.” Why? Well, there are several benefits to saying “no,” which comes from the Lifehack blog.

1. Less stress
When you say “yes” instead of “no,” it creates tension and anxiety. You may even lose sleep, which is never good, particularly this time of year.

2. Get rid of toxic people
You know the people we’re talking about, the ones who are always asking you for something, who manipulate you into saying yes when you really should be saying no. Tell them know, and they’ll move on to someone else and away from you.

3. Save time
If you’re doing a little less for someone else you have time to do a little more for yourself or for someone else who really does need your help.

4. More energy
Doing things you don’t want to do or don’t have time for wastes time and energy. When you quit doing that you will have more energy for the things that are important. And more energy will make you feel better and be more productive.

5. Increase focus
When you say no to those things that are not relevant to your goals, you can then say yes to doing those things that help you meet your goals and therefore stay focused.

6. Gain strength
Saying no enables you to take better control of your life and prevents you from being manipulated by others. When you stand firm, you gain strength. And, you’ll gain respect from people even if they’re not happy that you told them no.

7. Enjoy life more
When you stop saying no to those things that drain you, you’ll start enjoying life more. And who doesn’t want that?

Do you have any other benefits to saying no? If so, let us know, and we’ll share them.



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